Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Query Letter

Have I mentioned how much I hate these things? If not, then let me reassure you that I'd rather change poopy diapers for the rest of my life than write one of these things! I thought I had a pretty good one for Songbird, I even made it through the first round of the Amazon contest, but not a single request for even a partial. I had more luck with my crappy query for The Evolution of Janie!

Where does that leave me? Writing a new one. So, here it is (so far!):

Dear (insert name)

I read on your blog that you are interested in young adult romance and thought that my novel SONGBIRD might interest you. Complete at 63,000 words, SONGBIRD is a Young Adult romance novel told through a combination of present and past events.

Seventeen year-old Dani Mays is living parallel life experiences, or so it seems when the slightest word or action reminds her of events from her childhood. Not necessarily a bad thing, if they were those bittersweet ones that made you long to be a child again. Problem is, Dani’s memories center around her older brother Jace and the day she witnessed her father murder him.

Dani finally has a stable life with a foster family and a best friend, Reece McCabe. Then Reece does the unthinkable, he proves he’s less than perfect and even the love she has for him can’t stop her from using the past to protect herself. As Dani struggles to hold herself together, threatening phone calls from a long forgotten person endanger keep her looking back to her childhood for answers and endangering those she loves the most. Ultimately, the pain of losing Reece may just be the one thing that can transcend her love for Jace and give her the power to put her past to rest.

 Thank you for your time. I have included the first five pages for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Angela Fristoe

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