Monday, April 29, 2013


I am such a slacker! It's been a month since I last posted, and honestly I've barely read anything this month. I have a few books that I need to get reviews up for, but sadly I've been so busy that even this blog post is going to be short.

So what have I been doing? Well, working. And not so much on blogging. Work (I teach 3rd grade) has been taking up so much of my time, with state testing, district testing, end of year assessments and conferences, it's been a struggle to find time for other things. I have managed to keep writing and am working on a new science fiction series. Which is completely new territory for me since sci-fi is not really my interest area, but this character has been speaking to me, so I'm going to see where it goes.

When will my blogging be back on schedule? Hopefully I'll have a couple reviews posted this week! I've read some great books and have a bunch more on my Kindle waiting to be read.

:) Ang

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Awakening by Apryl Baker is *Free* on Amazon for 2 days only!

Thought I'd share this chance to get an amazing YA novel FREE for Kindle. The Awakening by Apryl Baker will be free on April 5th and 6th.
The Awakening
by Apryl Baker

Snap...crackle...pop. The sounds of bones breaking and shifting and of muscles tearing haunt Alexandria Reed.

For the last five years, Alex has been locked up at Compton Academy, a "school" for the emotionally challenged. She calls it the politically correct way of saying they’re all nuts and Alex has no doubts she’s insane. She comes home to Jacob's Fork to face the demons she left behind her after deceiving the doctors into believing she’s well. Soon after her arrival home though, news of her estranged mother's death brings her uncle back into her life and she and her brother, Jason, learn a terrifying secret about their family.

After questioning her sanity for the last ten years, she discovers the night terrors she's suffered for so long has become a reality. She and her brother are now being hunted because of the secret her family has killed to protect. Her world has been turned upside down, every belief she held true destroyed. Aided by her new friends, who have some dark secrets themselves, can she and Jason survive long enough to figure out the secret behind the secret?