Monday, July 3, 2017

Top Ten Superhero Crushes

I cracked. I admit it. I have finally given in to the superhero craze going on. I've been binge watching Netflix and with all of the promos coming out for the Justice League, Deadpool 2, etc., superheros have been on my mind. Then last night all I could think of was who was hotter - Thor or Luke Cage? It was an honest to God dilemma, which led me to my Top Ten Superhero Crushes.
10. Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)
Honorable and so apple pie it almost hurts

9. The Flash/Barry Allen (Ezra Miller)
There is something so beautiful and creepy about Miller's cheekbones

8. Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (Gal Gadot)
I want to be her.

7. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)
Somehow despite the scars, he manages to keep his sense of raunchy humor.

6. Wolverine/Logan (Hugh Jackman)
Okay, he's getting old and grey, but he's brooding and has amazing shoulders.

5. Superman/Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)
Knowing he's hiding a British accent only makes him more perfect.

4. Star-lord/Peter Quill (Chris Pratt)
Funny without being too raunchy and manages to be a Momma's boy without having a Mom

3. Luke Cage (Mike Colter)
Charisma, honor, and swagger. He also manages to take his shirt off a lot.

2. Thor (Chris Hemsworth)
Love that he's got a bit of naivety and cockiness without coming off as the big dumb blonde.

And in the coveted #1 spot...
Aquaman (Jason Momoa)
I actually know nothing about this character, but it's Jason Momoa and that's enough.

Honorable Mentions to:
Batman (as played by Christian Bale)
Antman (Paul Rudd)
 Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr)

What do you think? Did I miss someone? Who would top your list of Superhero Crushes?