Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gaining Focus

I've been struggling since the new year (and before) with keeping myself focused on, well, on anything. I've done bits and pieces of The Raven's Mark (AKA The Evolution of Janie), The Gifted: Liar, and another piece that I'm working on that shall remain nameless. I'm not lacking interest or ideas. I know where I want to go with each of the pieces, and I want to do them I just can't keep myself working. Even my blog postings have been super slow.

I really do need to gain some focus. I was looking at the status updates for an agent I have a partial with and saw that she's getting near mine. Well, unless I want to send the old version of Evolution, instead of the new I have to have it done within the next two months. So far I'm on chapter 10. And I've been on chapter 10 for about two weeks :(

Today, I'm really trying. I went back and did some editing on Chapter 1 and caught the nits, and did a bit of rewording. I'm going to take a 30 minute break then move on to the next chapter. Maybe this will be what I need to move forward.

On a side note, I finally got the copy of Hunger Games from the library. Had it for two weeks and never mustered the interest to read it. I took it back yesterday. Maybe this summer I'll try again, but for now I need to concentrate on all of the projects I have going on already.