Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moving Onwards!

Editing of Songbird is done! It feels great to say that!

After 2 proof copies and countless word processor edits, I finally submitted the final version and ordered my ARC copies. Now I just hope they get here quickly, because I need to mail them off for my blog tour. Which is the next phase of getting Songbird published.

The marketing aspect is the scariest part of this whole process. Marketing is such an all-encompassing idea, and there seems to be an endless list of things I need to do to get my book out there, before it's even out there!

My book trailer was my first move and I love the way it turned out. I had a blast putting it together, and the feedback I had on my original version really help me look at what a reader is looking for from book advertisements.

Next came my websites. I now have two websites. The first is my author site and gives a look at me and my work beyond Songbird. The second site is dedicated to Songbird. Creating both of them was interesting, but took a long time. I will be making sites for my other books, but I'm starting early so I don't get overwhelmed again.

My blog tour is set up and I will be posting the schedule soon, as well as publicizing it on Facebook and Twitter. I'm working on my blogs now, so that they are done in time. A few of the posts are a little challenging, but if writing were easy then it probably wouldn't hold much interest for me.

Goodreads has been interesting and I'm going to be putting up a giveaway on there this Monday that will go until the release date. I've also heard some good things about and am going to check out their  site, which I think will let me give away ebook versions of Songbird. I'm also involved in a Nook giveaway with a number of other authors, so look for more info to come about that in the next few days.

Ebooks is the last major thing I need to tackle. I know I said I was done editing, but now the reformatting needs to be done, so I can get into the ebook market. If I can get that sorted out, then I may actually have the ebook out before the print.

Okay, so after reading everything I still have to do, I'm not feeling so great. Maybe I need a list so I can check things off!  :)