Thursday, April 1, 2010

People watching

After making a goal to be more 'Frankenpoet' I took to the mall on Sunday and started my watching.  I sat in the food court and while trying to get my daughter to eat a bit of lunch, I watched. I sat at the back of the food court where a large open space separated me from the masses, and then it happened.  A teenage girl walked towards me.  She wore an apron, and carried a toddler and a bag of food.  She sat down and was soon joined by a young man. Neither of them could have been more than 18.  The girl didn't really interest me, I've seen girls in the same position. 

What did interest me was the boy.  He sat there across from his daughter and tore up bits of food for her, engaging with her.  I couldn't hear what the couple was saying but if got me thinking about why he was there.  What made him stay with his girlfriend? Did he feel trapped? And more importantly what would he have done if he'd been presented with an opportunity to be free of this responsibility?

So, Drew was formed.  He's not the boy in the mall, he's who the boy could have been if his girlfriend had made a different choice.  I can see Drew's story forming in my mind, his anger, frustration and contentment. Although I'm not sure yet how he's right for yet, Lily or Chloe.  Lily would be perfect for him, but Chloe needs someone with that kind of baggage. At this point I'm leaning towards Lily. The only problem is that Lily already has so much going on in her story that I'm just not sure I can give his character the attention it deserves. 

Maybe a trip to the gym will help tomorrow.  There's a lot of young guys there, maybe I can find the right one for Chloe and settle this in my mind.

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you're writing down in your notes about what you see because it' an excellent way to keep track of behavior and the reasons why people do the things they do.
    I enjoyed this post.