Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sneak Peek at Liar by Angela Fristoe

So, I thought I'd share one of my favorite scenes from my current work in progress Liar the first in a planned trilogy about three sisters who are graced with special gifts. This first book follows Phoebe, a Truth Teller, who discovers that knowing when someone is lying isn't always enough.

I love this scene, because it really sets up Phoebe's spunky side.

Except from Chapter 2 of Liar:

The door to Mr. Mason's class flew open and crashed against the wall. I stood in the doorway under the intense scrutiny of the entire class, Mr. Mason included.
"I'm back," I said and breezed into the class, moving straight for my seat. My friend Owen chuckled and I shot him a cocky smile. I evaded Tonya's curious look and concentrated on the swirling wood pattern of my desktop. Normally, I talked to Tonya about pretty much everything, but family was different. Our family was different and even if I didn't have a gift, Dad had drilled into me the need to protect my sisters. Even when we were younger, I was the one telling them not to freak people out. Not that they ever really listened to me. Chloe would constantly make her little predictions, and Lily couldn't keep her hands to herself.
Mr. Mason droned on and I watched the second hand on the clock tick slowly around the face. Five minutes. I could have skipped out early, but the chance of being sucked into Lily and Chloe's plans was too great. It was safer to die of boredom.
A twitch of black cloth out of the corner of my eye drew my attention to Nathan. He was refolding a piece of wrinkled paper into its original intricate square. He looked past me and nodded to the person on my left side. Vivian, his girlfriend. I didn't bother looking at her, mainly because the sight of her caused me to gag more than Chloe did. He tucked the last corner in and flicked his hand, letting the note fly towards her.
As the note crossed in front of me, I reached out and snatched it mid-flight. I wasn't sure what possessed me to do it, but Nathan's shocked expression combined with Vivian's gasp of outrage made it worth the effort. 
I gave Nathan a smile and a wink then blew him a kiss, loving the answering blush.

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