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Love in Bloom Give@way Hop ~ Going Under

Love is in the air! What better time of year to fall in love than Spring? Thanks go out to I am a Reader, Not a Writer for hosting this giveaway blog hop.

For this giveaway, I'm giving away an ebook copy of Going Under by Georgia Cates! I recently read and reviewed this YA romance and fell in love with it! You can check out my review by clicking here. To give you a taste of what you can win, check out this interview with one of the main characters from Going Under.

 Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining us. My name is Georgia Cates and I am the author of the recently released novel, Going Under. Today, I will be interviewing Jessie Boone, my leading protagonist.

Georgia: Hi, Jessie. I’m so glad you are able to join us. 
Jessie: I’m glad to be here. It’s good to see you again, Georgia. 

Georgia: Why don’t we start our interview with something easy and light-hearted? In Going Under, you were never aware of the plan to punk you by Claire and Payton. What was your reaction when you found out? Or did you know? 
Jessie: (Laughing) Yeah, I know about it. It was several months before I accidentally found out about that and “The Coitus Hiatus Plan.” Payton let it slip one night when she had too many drinks at a party, but I wasn’t mad. How could I be? The whole charade is what brought us together. And it made me more than glad to tell her how the whole Gretchen thing was only a ploy to cause her jealousy. 

Georgia: And what did Claire think when you told her you tricked her into being jealous? 
Jessie: She didn’t care for it very much, but we can both laugh about it today. Besides, she couldn’t really say much about it because it wasn’t really different from what she was doing with Forbes. 

Georgia: Good point. Tell us when you knew you loved Claire. 
 Jessie: I knew very early in our relationship that I could fall in love with her, but I didn’t know for sure until the moment she made me see that I might be lost, but I wasn’t a lost cause. 

Georgia: Do you have any regrets? 
Jessie: I did some hurtful things to Claire and I’m sorry I caused her pain, but I wouldn’t take back a thing because all of those events led us to where we are now. I’m a better person today because of it. How I could say that I would take back something that ultimately led us to this happy place we’re in now? 

Georgia: Last question...Did Claire ever go with you to get more tattoos? 
Jessie: (Laughing) Yep! (Pulling up sleeve) Claire chose this herself. Nice, right? 

Georgia: Good choice. Did you talk her into one? 
Jessie: I’ll never tell.

This concludes our interview with Jessie Boone. I hope you enjoyed getting a brief glimpse of him outside of Going Under.
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