Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring is here and Songbird's on Sale!

I absolutely love this time of year! The weather is clearing up and for now there's no more snow, although nothing is guaranteed in Colorado. There's just such a feeling of newness.

As a teacher, I've never had to give up that sense of freedom that Spring brings to children. In only 34 days I'll be on break and able to stay up late, and best of all, sleep in! Of course, summer for teachers does tend to end a couple of weeks after it begins, when all of a sudden we are consumed with thoughts of planning for the next year. But for now, I'm still looking forward to the days off when I can hopefully finish up the novel I'm currently working on.

As part of my personal celebration of the season, I've placed Songbird on sale! You can now get Songbird in ebook format at Amazon and B&N for only 99¢! Best of the price has also been slashed at all international Amazon Kindle Stores!

You can check out the opening chapter of Songbird here, or by clicking on my page link at the top for the blog.

I'm also interested in hearing any recommendations for Spring reads. Feel free to comment below or send me a recommendation through Goodreads or email.

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