Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Feature - Book Trailers!

Innovative book marketing is something that is becoming vital to gaining momentum in book promotion. And it's not easy. I speak from personal experience, as with Songbird I've tried a number of different marketing techniques that have had mixed results, including a book trailer.

I'd never really thought book trailers would have much impact, and I did one for Songbird more because I enjoyed the challenge than anything else. But recently I was at the Hunger Games movie with my husband and saw a book trailer for Starters, which just happened to be the book I was reading at the time. It was interesting to see what the publishing company envisioned as what the book was and to compare it to my own thoughts. In the case of Starters, I don't think the book trailer would have encouraged me to read the book, but I do think that having seen it I helped spread the word about it, which I suppose is ultimately the purpose of the trailer.

So, I've decided to feature a book trailer each Sunday on my blog, along with a synopsis of the book (and review, if I've read it). So if you are an author (or publisher) and have a book trailer that you would like me to post please email me [angelafristoe(at)yahoo(dot)com] with the title, link to the YouTube video, and any other info you'd like posted. At this time I'm not sure how much interest I'll get so I can't promise to post every book trailer, but I will email in response if I decide to post your video.

Now to set up the rules:

1. The video MUST be a book trailer
2. The book MUST be YA
3. I will not post videos that lack any quality (basically keep it clean enough for a 13 year old see, but not made by one)
4. No hate mail if I don't post your trailer (there is always a chance that I'll post it later on) 

Since I haven't had anyone send me a suggestion or request I thought I'd post two very different trailers - my own trailer for Songbird, followed by the Starters trailer I saw at the theater.

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