Sunday, January 31, 2010

Writing Relationships

I always viewed writing as a solitary job. One in which I put my ideas and characters on paper then send it to an agent who would fall in love with my words, sign me and, without any further work from myself, get me a million dollar publishing contract. Well, not far into my journey as a writer I discovered that things aren't as easy as they appear. I haven't even made it to the agent who is going to make me work harder than I ever have before, because I'm not just trying to make myself money, but also her/him money.  The hardest part is accepting that what I put down on paper may not be the best I can do.

After spending two months writing and finishing about 20,000 words I realized I had written crap! How could I not have realized this sooner??? So, I started over and this time I decided to try to find someone out there in the same boat as I was.  My search began with Google and, as from a previous post, you can bet I had a hard time finding what I specifically needed.  Then I stumbled across The Next Big Writer (see my link under writing websites).  After spending a few months reviewing (and doing a pretty crappy job of it) I forked over the best $50 I've spent in my writing career.

The first chapter I posted was shredded and I realized that every notion I had about writing needed to be tossed out.  What I thought I knew was nothing compared to what was expected of me.  It hurt like hell but I quickly discovered that the pain was inflicted with the best intentions and that there were people out there that believed in and shared my passion and that they didn't just want to tear me down, but help me learn and grow as a writer.

I've been a full member for almost a year and the wonderful writers and reviewers I've met during that time have surpassed my expectations of a writing workshop.  There have been people who drop in and give a moments look, or those who are continually there to give consistently needed honest feedback.  All have made my experience as part of tNBW community amazing.

I may never be a published writer, but I've had the opportunity to learn from some talented writers, and if I can't see my novels in the bookstore at least I'll be able to look at theirs and say I read that before it was published.

So THANK YOU to all of those wonderful members of tNBW!

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  1. Hey, Angela,

    I haven't reviewed anything of yours, but would agree that the money I spend at TNBW is the best I've spent over the years. I've gone from writing ineffective prose to having a clue about the craft of writing. I'll always be grateful to Sol, for starting the site and for all the wonderful reviewers who helped me get to this point. My book wouldn't have been up for publication were it not for them.

  2. I totally understand that members are reading so many different works, and people enjoy reading different genres! The forums are also a wonderful place for us to learn as well, and hearing of your success is an inspiration!

  3. I can't imagine your writing being awful, but I know what you mean about getting the feedback. TNBW has been one of the biggest helps in my writing process, including people like you. So right back at ya with those "thanks"!

  4. ANG- Can I just say, DITTO?

    I agree with you whole-heartedly. TNBW is probably the best investment I've made for my little writing hobby, right after my MACbook. I would never have the courage to enter contests or even think about querying agents without the support and feedback I've gotten from my friends on that site.

  5. Hi Angela,
    I totally agree with you about TNBW being a great big giant stepping stone toward a writing career. I've been there a couple of years and, like you, they knocked me down a peg at first but have been teaching me things ever since.

  6. Hi, Ang! I think you have grown tremendously as a writer, and that's because you were able to open up your mind and look at your work objectivley. You rock, girl!

  7. Yup - TNBW is a life-changer for a new writer. Love the site, love the members.

    Writing was a hobby for me too, until that site. I neve'd actually have the guts to take a step past where I was.

    So glad it's worked for all of you the same way!! We should have a Sol party. :)


    from the desk of a writer

  8. That chopped-up middle paragraph in my post makes no sense. It's clear I am not yet polished. :D