Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sneak Peek into #EDGE ~ Waken by Angela Fristoe

The #EDGE boxed set is coming soon and is now available for preorder! Here's a sneak peek into book 7 in the collection! This also happens to be my book!

Waken by Angela Fristoe

Haunted by nightmares of her mother killing her, Janie Moore just wants to be normal. After years of abuse and eventual abandonment, she’d rather forget her parents ever existed and moving to her mother's hometown of Everod is the last thing she wants.

Life in Everod seems normal enough until she meets Tristan. He's out of her league and the emotions he draws from her are almost enough to make her ignore all of the strange things he says. Almost enough to ignore the way the entire town seems ready to pounce on her as if she were fresh meat.

Almost, though, isn’t enough when Janie finally discovers what the town is hiding. The people of Everod have been waiting for Janie and if she hopes to survive, she’ll need to confront the truth of who and what she really is.

Check out a preview of Waken by Angela Fristoe:

Meet Author Angela Fristoe

Angela grew up in Alberta, Canada. She dreamed of becoming the next Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall, until she realized she wasn't all that keen on the outdoors or animals. Instead, she went into education and focused on elementary education and helping struggling readers. Her passion for writing grew gradually after being ignited by The Hunger Game and Twilight crazes. Angela lives on Vancouver Island with her family, where she is pursuing her Masters degree while continuing to write and serve as an instructional coach.

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