Thursday, April 9, 2015

Watch Me by Angela Fristoe Release ~ Meet the Characters

A Touched Trilogy

The Matlin triplets are gifted with unique abilities.
Phoebe hears the lies, Lily heals the hurt, and Chloe sees the future.

Some things are worth waiting for. Your future is one of them.
For Chloe, her gift of prophecy has proven the future to be unshakeable. Nothing ever changes and no one really has a choice. The future is what it is, and Chloe accepted that a long time ago. Then she changes the future and suddenly nothing is black or white anymore. But Chloe can’t change the future when the choices aren’t hers to make. If she can’t change it, can she accept it?

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Meet the Characters

Chloe Matlin
Age: 18
Gift: Seeing the future
Interests: Reading, cheer squad, healthy cooking, loves bossing Phoebe around,
Personality: Smart, outgoing, assertive
Dreams for the future:  None - everything is predetermined
Celebrity look-a-like: Victoria Justice

Sebastian Herrera

Age: 17
 Interests: Science, math, science fiction, art
Personality: Intelligent, factual, determined
Dreams for the future: Job with NASA, DeLorean
Celebrity look-a-like: Jaime Blackley

 Andrew Corwin
Age: 18
Interests: Movies, film, sports, chicks
Personality: friendly, easy going
Dreams for the future: Film school, Oscar winning director
Celebrity look-a-like: Luke Benward

 Nadine Fitzgerald
 Age: 17
Interests: Cheer squad, Kardashians, reality TV
Personality: Bubbly, friendly, sweet
Dreams for the future: white picket fence, rich husband
Celebrity look-a-like: Olivia Holt

Lily Matlin
 Age: 18
Gift: Can heal emotional and physical pain
Interests: Art, history
Personality: shy, quiet, needs thing is order
Dreams for the future: Art gallery curator, a family
Celebrity look-a-like: Jacqueline Emerson

Phoebe Matlin
Age: 18
Gift: Hears the lies people tell
Interests: hot guys, hanging with her BFF, junk food, art
Personality: sarcastic, bossy, annoying (according to Chloe)
Dreams for the future: Undecided
Celebrity look-a-like: Selena Gomez

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