Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cover Reveal ~ Watch Me by Angela Fristoe

Voting is closed and man was it close!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to vote. After over a 150 votes and almost 800 entries, it came down to a difference of 5 votes!

So, without further ado....

 Watch Me
A Touched Trilogy, #3
by Angela Fristoe
Available for Pre-order February 20, 2015

**Coming April 9, 2015**

Some things are worth waiting for. You future is one of them.
For Chloe Matlin, her gift of prophecy has proven the future to be unshakeable.

When her sisters convince her to try changing her future the black and white certainty she’s always had vanishes. It turns blurry with infinite possibilities she can barely distinguish and everything she ever expected to happen is lost. Only Sebastian's future gives clues about what's coming and it's filled with images of blood and death.

But Chloe can’t change the future when the choices aren’t hers to make and if she can’t change, can she accept it?


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