Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sneak Peek ~ Watch Me by Angela Fristoe

I've hit the 20% complete mark so it's time for another Sneak Peek of Watch Me (A Touched Trilogy, #3)!! Best of all is that tomorrow I will be featured on Apryl Baker's blog, My CrAzY Corner as part of the YA/NA Blogfest and it will feature an exclusive look at Chloe from Watch Me!

Sneak Peek - Watch Me by Angela Fristoe

I went from class to class, and everything was normal. Something that was easier to do with Bianca in some of my classes. During gym class, we ran together around the track. Despite her shorter legs, she managed to keep pace with me.

“You should have joined the track team,” I said, my words coming out in even puffs as I kept my breathing regulated.

She snorted. “Track involves teams and I don’t do teams. Unless of course it’s like Team Peeta.”
“You’re only Team Peeta because you know in really life he wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

“And you’re only Team Gale because next to Peeta, you’d be a giant.”

“Bitch,” I said, laughing. She was right. Josh Hutcherson was hot, but way to short for me.

“I call it like I see it.”

Bianca took off at full speed and I sprinted to catch up with her, over taking her for a few paces and then slowing as we finished our last loop around the track. We walked around along the side of the track a few yards then sank to the ground to stretch.

“I’m destined to live a life of short-leggedness,” she groaned.

Destiny. I let the word roll through my mind. It was a pretty word. Like fate. They sounded so sweet and hopeful. I wonder if people would still feel the same about those words if, they knew what I knew. Fate and destiny sucked. They were the future. There was no choice.

“Do you believe in fate?” I asked, looking over at Bianca.

She paused with her hands wrapped around the tips of her toes. “Is this a trick question?”

“No. Wait, what do you mean trick?”

“Come on, Chloe. I’m not Nada,” she said, using her nickname for Nadine, who would probably be a bit miffed if she knew that it wasn’t the Mandarin word for girl, but instead Bianca’s subtle joke that Nadine had nothing in her brain.

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