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*Kissed Blog Tour* Guest Post by Kimberly Loth

Dream Cast and Theme Songs - A Guest Post by Kimberly Loth

Dreamcasts are so much fun!!! Here is mine along with theme songs for each character.

Meet My main Character: Naomi-Obedient, beautiful, and brave, she’s been oppressed her whole life and she spends most of the book trying to figure out how to overcome that.

Dreamcast: Chloe Moretz

Theme song: Are You Gonna Kiss me or Not? by Thompson Square

After Naomi, my favorite characters are her boys. I love love love Love triangles, so of course I wrote one. Will Naomi pick the right one in the end?

Dreamcast: Matt Lanter
Theme Song: Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi

Naomi's thoughts: "I looked up and saw a very handsome boy smiling down at me. He had coarse brown hair that curled around his ears and it looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days, but he had a smile to die for."

Dreamcast: Adam Lambert

Theme Song: If I had you by Adam Lambert

Naomi's thoughts: "In the center of the picture sat a young man. He hugged his knees to his chest with hands that had painted black nails. His entire outfit was nearly all black, from the chunky boots to the half ripped t-shirt. I leaned closer to the picture. He had thick eyeliner and his hair stuck up in four-inch spikes, tipped with violet."

Throughout the book Naomi makes several friends, but her best friend is Ruth.

Dreamcast: Molly Quinn
Theme Song: Brave by Sara Bareilles

Naomi's thoughts: "Her heart-shaped face was surrounded by hair that burst from her head like orange corkscrew noodles and her baby blue eyes sparkled with excitement. She looked a little crazy, but then I wasn’t naturally a good judge of character."

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my picks. If you’ve read the book, share your ideas. Who would you have picked?

Kissed (The Thorn Chronicles)
by Kimberly Loth

Trapped in a dark cult, sixteen-year-old Naomi Aren has lived a quiet, albeit unhappy, life nestled deep in the hills of the Ozarks. With uncut hair, denim skirts, and only roses for friends, Naomi seldom questions why her life is different from other kids at school. Until the day her abusive father, who is also the cult’s leader, announces her wedding. Naomi must marry Dwayne Yerdin, a bully who reeks of sweat and manure and is the only one person who scares her worse than her father.

Then she meets Kai, the mysterious boy who brings her exotic new roses and stolen midnight kisses. Kisses that bring her a supernatural strength she never knew she had. As the big day approaches, Naomi unearths more secrets of about her father’s cult. She learns she has power of her own and while Kai may have awakened that power, Naomi must find a way to use it to escape Dwayne and her father—without destroying herself.

Buy the book: http://amzn.to/1oeQAPf Only 99 cents

About the Author

Kimberly Loth can’t decide where she wants to settle down. She’s lived in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, California, Oregon, and South Carolina. She finally decided to make the leap and leave the U.S. behind for a few years. Currently, she lives in Cairo, Egypt with her husband and two kids.

She is a high school math teacher by day (please don’t hold that against her) and YA author by night. She loves romantic movies, chocolate, roses, and crazy adventures. Kissed is her first novel.

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