Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guest Post by S.E. Stenner, Author of Paraestrals

 Paraestrals (Volume 1)
by S.E. Stenner
Published: August 26, 2012
Available: Amazon

Who ever said a P.I. has to be human!

A narrative coming of age thriller/horror, about a young girl whose world is turned upside down as the origins of her dark lineage surface.

'My name is Samantha LeFay, I'm young, popular, with my whole life ahead of me, what can go wrong - everything! After turning sixteen and suddenly becoming allergic to the sun along with a few other weird afflictions, my life begins to unravel at the seams, as my friends desert me, my boss at my weekend job forces me to quit and my stepmother nags me to the point of insanity. My life's different now, I'm different. As the people at school would put it I'm a freak - Sammy LeFreak. I don't know if they're right, all I know is the sun burns my skin, I suddenly have the strength to throw a guy ten foot in the air and my body craves a particular substance...Blood!'

Paraestrals is no ordinary Vampire tale, my story takes the reader along with Sam as she discovers this hidden side she never knew she had, and follows the decisions she makes when it comes to how she'll use these new found powers she possesses.

Guest Post by S.E. Stenner

I’ve been writing children’s and teenage fiction for over ten years and what drew me to the subject of Vampires was the flexibility of these folklore monsters. There have been so many portrayals of vampires through-out literature, film and history and it seems that they will forever continue to evolve. Which gave me my opener to take the vampire and mold it to fit the story I wanted to tell. A young teenage girl who not only has puberty, school and a disruptive home life to contend with, but the realization of what else she may be to add to the mix. Samantha’s character is one that will grow and change with every book and as a reader I hope some of you will relate with the everyday problems she comes up against, while marveling at her supernatural ones too.

I became a writer because I just love stories, though being dyslexic was a challenge when it came to putting my own thoughts onto the page, but ultimately I write because tales pop into my head and I hate to think of them drifting away and being forgotten, so I write them down.

I hope you will enjoy this little vampire tale, which came to me a few years ago and don’t forget for all the up coming info on the Paraestrals series check out the official website, Facebook page and Twitter link…..
All the best, S.E.Stenner.

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