Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review: Secret of Betrayal by DelSheree Gladden

Secret of Betrayal (The Destroyer Trilogy, #2)
by DelSheree Gladden
Published: December 21, 2012

Available: Amazon

When faced with the choice between saving Milo’s life and embracing her destiny, Libby Sparks knew there was only one answer.

Become the Destroyer.

Libby is about to learn that accepting her fate is only the first step in figuring out what being the Destroyer truly means. Libby must reign in and develop her talents while planning to rescue her captive army of Ciphers from the hands of Guardians.

Rescuing the Ciphers is already dangerous enough, but everything becomes even more precarious when Cipher hunter, Braden, pushes his way into Libby’s life. The strange connection they share frightens Libby, but it also pushes her to trust him despite her better judgment. When Libby’s feelings of trust begin to morph into something more, her relationship with Milo isn’t the only thing tested. If she is wrong about Braden’s motives, everyone involved in the Cipher rescue may pay the ultimate price for her mistake.

Secret of Betrayal is the sequel to Book 1 of The Destroyer Trilogy and Gladden jumps right back in to Libby's story. I love that Libby hasn't changed much. Even though she's accepting her fate as the Destroyer, she's still independent, strong, and speaks her mind without being overly aggressive or annoying. She's a character that it is easy to root for.

While Inquest dealt mainly with Libby coming to terms with what being the Destroyer means to the rest of the world, Secret of Betrayal delves into the hidden role she plays and the mystery of why the Guardians fear her so much. Libby's trust in everyone is questioned as their motives are as secret as what she is supposed to do with her gifts. Gladden does an awesome job of building an in-depth plot without making it so overly stuffed that it feels as if your lost in details.

Secret brings in Braden, who was introduced at the end of Inquest. I have to admit I am really torn over his character's presence and the role he plays. He definitely is the third point in the a love triangle with Libby and Milo, and I can see the attraction. But I love Libby and Milo. Milo in the first book is the only one who stands by Libby. But in book 2 he seems like a completely different character, so much that I wanted to reach into the pages and strangle him. It makes me very curious how Gladden is going to resolve this triangle in a way that not only makes sense, but also keeps the readers satisfied.

Overall, this is an amazing continuation of The Destroyer Trilogy, and I can't wait to read the final book!

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  1. I love DelSheree Gladden's work, and really enjoyed Inquest. The Secret of Betrayal sounds like a great follow up; can't wait to read it. Thanks for sharing this review!