Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cover Reveal ~ Kings & Queens by Courtney Vail

Kings & Queens by Courtney Vail has a new ebook cover out and I absolutely love it!!

Kings & Queens by Courtney Vail
How would YOU stop a massacre ... if you were only seventeen?
If the cops didn't believe you?
If your mom never listened?
If your friends thought it was a joke?
If the faceless nutjobs trolled your halls and somehow knew your every move before you made it?

Majesty Alistair, who's biggest aims of late have been to best Grief and keep any nearby 2x4s from colliding with her crush's head, has to figure that out and go all Veronica Mars when she overhears two fellow students planning a church shooting. Her hammering pleas to investigate her father's recent death and other possible crimes-in-the-works have totally killed her cred with cops, so, armed with just the bits and pieces she caught, she strives to ID the gun-toting freaks herself before they act. But when their agenda turns out to be far bigger than she ever assumed, she becomes the centerpiece in a ruthless game that casts even her closest friends under suspicion and puts her in a conundrum where winning or losing will leave blood on her hands, the blood of someone she loves.

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  2. I like it! It's really, really nice and does identify Kings & Queens as a YA novel.

  3. Thanks, Joy, and thanks for posting my cover reveal, Angela.