Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: iFeel by Marissa Carmel

by Marissa Carmel
Published: June 15, 2012
Publisher: GMTA Publishing
Available: Amazon

Lust. Anger. Hate. Desire. Love. Happiness. Joy. iFeel.

Liv Christianni is isolated, alone, tortured and withdrawn, saddled with the torrential downpour of the world’s emotions. Accepting of her providence Liv has lost all hope, until one day fate steps in and spins the course of her life like a spiraling top. Hunted by a Spirit Stalker, Liv is forced to gain control of herself and her surroundings, threatened by the touch of her immortal love; she must find a way to survive both physically and emotionally as her reality is shaken up like dice on a Craps table. Can she find the courage to accept her true self? Can she love unconditionally cognizant of the condemning consequences? Can she rise from the ashes to become the person she was always meant to be?

Funny, witty, real, and poignant, iFeel rips into your soul, and sets your emotions on fire.

If you are a fan of Charmed or Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries or The Secret Circle this series is for you!

So I have to say, I've never actually read or watched any of the works iFeel is compared to in the synopsis, so I'm not really sure how it compares, but I can say that it is an enjoyable read. Carmel starts off really strong, and throws the reader right into some action. The book is fairly fast paced, and I didn't feel like I was having to wade through a bunch of extra stuff just to get to the plot.

The main character Liv is nicely developed and I thought Carmel did a good job of creating a character that while she is anti-social and scared of what she believes is her deteriorating mental health, still manages to be confident, independent, and smart. Justice, her main love interest, is intriguing in his guilt complex and his determination to do his job as a Spirit hunter.
The plot was interesting and I thought the idea of the Spirit Stalkers was an interesting twist. The special abilities Liv, Justice and the Seraphs have are nicely described and I liked that they're still trying to figure out what Liv can do.

There were a few things that bothered me, though. Everyone is wealthy. I never figured out what Liv did to earn money, other than a reference to the family business, but there are lots of references to expensive brands of clothing, fragrances, and purses, along with frequent salon trips. The Seraphs, in addition to their beautiful house, are all gloriously beautiful and immortal.

The final issues was the editing. This really read like an early draft with lots of grammatical and spelling  errors. I also had some issues with the letter 'l' on my Kindle version. Most words with double 'l's came out with the second 'l' missing. I've had this happen before so it might be a formatting error in the Kindle's part, or on the software being used to format it. 

Overall, I think iFeel is a great start to a series, and I would definitely consider reading the sequel. 

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