Sunday, February 12, 2012

Breaking Dawn DVD - A Guy's View

I am proud to say that I was not one of the people standing at Target during the midnight release of Breaking Dawn Part One. I did however make a special trip to Walmart yesterday in order to get my copy, and yes, I made my husband and daughter watch it. Which leads to the very idea for this post.

First off, I don't consider myself a Twi-hard, although I admit to reading the books and watching the movies multiple times. I don't stalk the internet for info on the actors, and frankly I completely disagree with any idea for Meyer to write another book in the series. When I watch the movies I suspend any expectation of Oscar winning acting, scripts, and special effects. This lets me watch the movie and get exactly what I want - an escape from reality. I had my own issues with the movie (You can check out my post about it) so I wasn't surprised when my husband started making comments.

Now, he has seen the other three movies and has a general idea of the storyline, but he usually keeps his mouth shut. Yesterday was an exception. The first words out of his mouth "Is she a vampire yet?" were repeated continually throughout the movie as he wandered between watching and eating. But my favorite came when he watched the scene with Bella and Jacob dancing privately at the wedding. "That's so gay." He said it in a completely guy way about five times throughout the scene. He didn't get why Edward would let it happen, why Jacob would even be interested in doing it, and why Bella would do that to Edward. I tried to explain about how romantic it was supposed to be, how in a natural world Bella would have been with Jacob, and his response was "That's so gay".

As the movie progressed, he kept up with the "Is she a vampire yet?" and interspersed it with questions like "why would she die?" and "What's wrong with her?"

I usually find his running commentary frustrating when I watch my movies, because he unfailingly manages to take what I find cheesy and sweet and turn it into a glaringly annoying aspect of the movie. This time I tried to actually listen to him. He is right. Four movies in and Bella is still not a vampire. He never did understand why Edward didn't just let Bella turn in Twilight. It is cheesy how Jacob and Bella have these extremely private moments, where they discuss their feelings while in very unfriend like physical contact. He looks at it and sees what girls (and women) don't want to - that the majority of men (I'll take a guess and say 99%) don't dance around in private with a girl they love the day she's married another man and tell her yet again how much he loves her. They wouldn't stick around for that.

Throughout the movie I couldn't help but laugh, because I realized just what he must be thinking when we're watching one of his movies and I just don't get why the actresses have to be half naked.

On a side note, I can't believe they picked such a horrible picture to use as the DVD cover. Kristen Stewart looks completely weird.


  1. I thought the movie was pretty good fro this one.

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  2. Ang, I loved this post. Couldn't agree more with everything you said. My husband has been making those same comments since the first movie! He really got irritated in the third movie when Jacob ended up in the sleeping bag with Bella. He can't figure out why Edward doesn't walk away, and I find myself agreeing with him most of the time. The cover picture is awful, I agree. Very odd choice.

    1. Makes me wonder if their marketing rep or whoever is doing the cover actually looked at it.