Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sequel Begins Again

I've finally reached a point with The Evolution of Janie that I'm doing nit picky fixes and need to get my arse in gear and put my query out there. With the first book done I now have pulled out my sequel. I already have the first four chapters done but after the major revisions I made to Evolution I have some fixing up to do. 

Having those first four chapters done is great because it's really helping me stay in Janie's voice and mindset. What's hard is catching a bunch of little details that once meant something else entirely, such as Justin's car smelling after being in the shop at the end of Evolution. Well, my idea was that there was actually something dead in there, left by Neil when he put Justin's car out of action. Scrap that now. I may have it stink just because it's Justin and he needs a bit of aggravation :) But the mystery and connection to the previous story must come out.

So, my plan right now for The Reconstruction of Janie involves school, but in a new town. A town where no one is a shifter except for those (good and bad) that follow Janie to keep an eye on her. Rachel will be a bigger part of the story from start to finish and we'll get to meet Cassie, Janie's other half-sister. I do have some really cool ideas for the effects Janie's blood will have on Marcus and her own development in her new life as infected.

The best part right now is that I feel as if I'm revisiting old territory and just need to see what's new.

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