Saturday, November 7, 2009

When Confusion Sets In

Focusing on one novel and the various characters within is difficult enough.  Their voices blend together as they each try to tell me their version of the story.  Now that I've begun a new novel I'm finding it even harder to keep voices and stories seperate.  Last night I found myself tackling the next chapter of Janie.  Janie is learning the true story of the Raven and how it relates to her.  Yet all I could hear was Dani crying.  Her brother is dead and she's just told me that her father didn't kill himself like I wrote in chapter one.  So now I have to rewrite the chapter and she totally threw me off of focusing on Janie. They're bossier than I thought.  Constant talking I can handle, but this goes beyond that.  It's like trying to listen to twenty people at once and keep them straight.  At the moment I'm satisfied if I can make it through a chapter without mixing Janie and Dani up, or Reece and Marcus or Justin.  I think that Nano has started to drive me crazy.


  1. I have faith in you friend! scold your unruly characters into submission! haha

  2. I totally fell off the NaNo wagon today. Sidetracked and forgot, so you see, insanity can be beneficial.

    Hopping back on in five!