Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Perfect Spot


I've been searching for a photo.  Why?  Inspiration. 

What better way to create the perfect setting.  So my hunt began.  What I found was an uinidentified waterfall in Northwest Montana.  Close enough to the setting of my fictional town Everett.  When I found this photo I could almost see Samara diving into the frigid water, trying to wash the pain of Kyle's death from her heart or Janie struggling with Beth as she fights for her life.

Now if only Dani would show me where her story takes place.


  1. I've driven five hours to see the tiny town (and sleep in its hotel!) where my novel is set. The locals thought I was crazy. I went around interviewing them all and everything. I sent for something at their antique shop once and saved the box (before I'd ever visited the town) because it was written by somebody from 'my town!'

    I told the antique shop man all of this and he didn't seem impressed. I was very excited when I figured out he was likely the one who'd addressed the box. :D

    A picture of the town/locale sets the stage!!

  2. First off, Corra cracks me up!

    Second off, what a gorgeous photograph. If I were Janie, I'd never want to leave Everette.

    Third off, I'm amazed at the great lengths you go to to get into your story and characters. Setting matters very little to me. It should matter more. My writing would probably be better if I were more like you!

  3. It doesn't always matter. In Songbird I have the setting as Denver (specifically the Cherry Creek) and it's so generic you wouldn't be able to tell it from any other city.

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