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Giveaway and Interview with Pamela Lorence, Narrator of Songbird by Angela Fristoe

Songbird by Angela Fristoe is finally available in audiobook format! The process of having Songbird produced was quite an adventure and narrator Pamela Lorence has stopped by to answer some questions about the production process as well as to give readers an opportunity to win an audiobook copy of Songbird!

by Angela Fristoe
Narrated by Pamela Lorence 

There are defining moments in life when everything changes. For Dani Mays, it was the day she witnessed her father kill her brother. Now seventeen years-old, she still hasn't put it behind her. After Jace's death, she bounced between her alcoholic mother and foster homes, until she found a permanent place. And a reason to want to stay: Reece Tyler. He's her best friend, yet Dani wants more from Reece. 

Faced with losing Reece, Dani struggles to define his place in her life and escape the influence her memories of her brother's death have over her choices. Even as she weaves the pieces of her heart back together, the past becomes more than a memory when a former foster brother reappears and Dani begins receiving threatening phone calls.

Interview with Pamela Lorence

What was it about Songbird that made you want to produce the audiobook?

It was really such an honor to produce this audiobook. Songbird is an intensely moving story. I compare narrating it to singing a poignant and beautiful ballad. There were truly moments during recording when I had to keep from crying in the studio. You can’t help but fall in love with the main characters.  They are completely honest and relatable. I found myself rooting them on as I read. Dani, Reece, and Collin found their way into my heart. As a mom, I wanted to take each one home, feed them some hot soup, and tell them it was all going to be okay. When I finished the book, I was sad to have it all end. That’s when I knew I wanted to produce the audiobook.

How did you get started in audiobooks?

I took the long road to audiobooks. When I was 9 years old all I wanted for Christmas was a Ronco Mr. Microphone.  It was the best Christmas present ever! I wanted to be behind a microphone from that day on. I earned a degree in Vocal Performance from Rollins College and have been using my voice to make a living ever since. I started off in radio, eventually writing, directing, recording, editing, narrating, and singing my way into many, many ears. From producing radio shows, I transitioned into producing audio tours for museums all over the world. When it was time to settle down and have kids, I wanted the best of both worlds – a great job that would allow me to work out of the house. It was really only a matter of time before I combined my love of books with my love of audio into one – Audiobook narration.

Can you tell us something about your process for narrating an audiobook?

The first thing I do is to grab a pencil, my notebook, the manuscript, and a cup of tea. I sit in my favorite reading spot in the house (the comfy chair in the living room, near the fireplace) and read through the book. I take notes on characters, tone, tempo, and things like that.  I mark any words or names that don’t have obvious pronunciations. When the book is sufficiently prepped, I block out a schedule. My voice it always best midday. In the early morning it’s still waking up. In the evening it starts to sound tired.  I’m fortunate to live in a quiet neighborhood in Northern California. So, I’m able to work out of my home in a professionally equipped studio with a soundproof vocal booth. 

I spend the bulk of the day recording chapter by chapter. I take breaks to stretch my legs and walk my two dogs. Friday is the only day of the week I don’t record. It’s the day my neighborhood is zoned for leaf blower use. The sound of a gas powered leaf blower can penetrate even the most soundproof room! So, I reserve Fridays for editing.  When the book is completely recorded, edited, and mastered to retail standards, I listen to it for quality control.  Simple as that! You really can’t beat having a job producing audiobooks.

About the Narrator
It all started with a Ronco Mr. Microphone when I was 9 years old. Since then, I’ve been hooked on all things audio. With a degree in Vocal Performance from Rollins College and a professional background in Audio Production, I’ve written, directed, recorded, edited, narrated, and sung my way into many ears. It was only a matter of time before I combined my love of books and love of audio into one – Audiobooks!

About the Author

Born in Northern Canada, Angela grew up on the Canadian prairies amid dreams of becoming the next Dian Fossey or a world famous flight attendant. Those, however, were never meant to be. Instead she moved to the United States where she divides her time between her family, writing, and her day job as an instruction coach.

Angela was the winner and double finalist in the Romance category of The Strongest Start Contest 2010 hosted by She currently has three young adult novels published through Little Prince Publishing and her fourth novel has an anticipated release of January 2014. 

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