Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stepping Closer

Publishing is hard! I'd never realized just how many things I'd have to do to make sure I'm ready for this! Every time I turn around I'm getting ideas on marketing before publication, marketing after publication, marketing, marketing, marketing! One really great thing is that I'll be publishing through Little Prince Publishing and had some awesome advice on things to do to market my book!! (okay, I realize I used an exclamation point in every one of those sentences, but I feel they were necessary :) )

I knew that marketing would be key in turning this into a success, but I didn't realize how time consuming it is, and will continue to be. I'm still working on edits and I'm trying to sell my book already. I have my Facebook fan page, my book website, my Goodreads' Author page, book trailer, I'm working on an Author website (with a real domain name) and every one of those things is sucking my time away. At least I know it's not going down into some endless abyss. It will pay off, but I need to do even more work on it.

So, as bad as I am at setting goals and following through, I'm giving myself until this weekend to have my edits done. Then I'll be able to get my next proof copy for the beginning of May. I need to get ready for a giveaway on Goodreads and I really need some ARCs for book reviews by the end of May. That gives me a month. To do another round of edits and finalize everything, so I can spend June promoting the launch.

On a very positive note, I finished my book trailer!! Thanks to the amazing generosity of Grindmouth over at DeviantArt.com who let me use a number of her beautiful photographs for the trailer.

Off to edit!


  1. Isn't it fun! I went to a book launch last Saturday. That lady I told you about. They have published a little book (450 copies) on local history for which I had contributed a painting of a ship built there. I was presented with a signed copy! It was just like a proper launch with plastic cups of Punch and nuts being passed around. It was held in the Church Hall. You will have to have a "virtual" launch!!!

  2. The whole marketing business sucks time like you can't believe.
    Wishing you much success with your book!