Monday, April 11, 2011

Choices, Choices...

So, I've sent off for my proof copy of Songbird, which was a scary feeling. Each day I get closer to publishing and I realize how little I know about the publishing world. Over he past few days I've been reading blogs and trying to learn everything I can.

Well, yesterday I spent an hour reading a forum about the importance of book covers. I knew they were important, but I don't think I'd really considered how important and what exactly it is that captures the reader's attention. Until yesterday, I was pretty happy with the cover I created using Create Cover. The stock photo was pretty and soothing, just the effect I was going for. But did it really represent my book. The field has a nice mix of colors, but my book takes place in the city.

After long hours last night trying to  figure out my photo program I came up with a new possible cover. All that's left is getting a few opinions. 








  1. As the novel is so focused on the characters and not on her musical talent I still prefer the original cover that you had. It relates more to young love than the new one with the bird.

  2. Number 1 just won't get noticed in the sea of YA books. #2 is closer, but I still think it needs more pizazz or something. Look at other covers to kind of get a feel for what's out there.