Saturday, July 10, 2010

Motivated by a Movie

Last weekend was the opening for the third installment of the Twilight. And yes, I did go see it. :) I had lowered expectations and I have to admit it was better than the first two. I get why the story pulls in the young girls. the books may not have been the best, I am seriously, did they not have the money for an editor to cut those books down and two thousand words? And the movie script is entirely filled with stinky cheese. But the essence of the story is there, and that is what is  selling those books and tickets.

So how does that effect me? Well, it's motivated me. If millions can be made off that book, if legions of adolescent girls can fall in love with those characters, that story then there's hope for my work, right? Since seeing the movie, I've managed to edit 8 chapters, completing my latest round of edits for The Evolution of Janie (Still working on a new title!). A bit ironic that the Twilight movie was my motivation to finish since it was the reason behind the majority of my edits. Despite having no vampires or werewolves, just shape shifters, I got the same feedback from a few agents - too Twilight!!! ARGH!

Now there's no school and her boyfriend is much more normal. Well, as normal as a shape shifter gets. :) 

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  1. Hi Ang--
    I have to admit that I didn't have really high expectations for the third film as well, but it's great that the books/movies have motivated you to keep at your story. Some day we'll see it on the shelf.

  2. Hope your motivation gets you through the entire ms.

  3. Awesome that Twilight motivated to whip out the red pen. Keep on trucking. Reminds me I have to get back to your story. I've been helping a friend, who's releasing his seventh album, with this monstrous design project. CD cover, sell sheets, rate sheets, press kit, website. I don't even have my own site up yet. All of that has taken me away from my own writing.

  4. Twilight, I suspect, has given much inspiration to many of us and it sounds like for similar reasons, too! Have yet to see the movie and am VERY glad to hear they've only gotten better. Let's face it, what are the odds of them ever getting worse than "Twilight" itself? ;) Good luck with your edits.