Thursday, November 24, 2016

Savage (The Othala Witch collection, Sector 7) by Conner Kressley

The Othala Witch Collection is here!

  Many years ago, the Original Sixteen witches were able to contain an outbreak of demon-like creatures from overtaking the earth. But doing so came at a cost. For the human race to survive, the world had to be divided into sixteen sectors, trapping the Ravagers to the Outlands beyond, and trapping the humans in.

  The Original Sixteen served as Regents over each of these sectors, and when they died, the strongest of witches took their place, using their own personal enchantment abilities to protect their sector. In the process, communication was lost. The only solace that remains is the knowledge that if another sector fails, their own may still survive.

  But what happens when your sector is the one to fail? What happens when the world inside your walls is just as bad as the one outside them? In this collection of sixteen dystopian paranormal romance tales, each and every one of the sixteen sectors is about to find out.

Savage (Sector 7) by Conner Kressley
When the truth is hidden, sometimes love can be SAVAGE!

When reluctant witch Starla goes to the Outpost to join the the band of border marshals known as the Roamers, she thinks she's doing the right thing. After all, keeping the Savages outside the confines of the Sector is the most important issue facing any of them, and besides, her unique ability to gleam flashes of the future will almost certainly come in handy in her fight to keep her homeland safe and pure.

But when a series of misadventures leaves her stranded in the Savage and Ravager filled jungles surrounding the Sector, Starla finds herself at the mercy of the Savage's stern and eye-catching leader Asis.

Things get complicated when- captive in the Savages' lands- Starla begins to see sensual and stark visions of a future where she and Asis are definitely not sworn enemies.

Truths are revealed, secrets are exposed, and hearts are on the line when fate and circumstance throws a witch and a Savage down a sexy rabbit hole that will change their lives, and the lives of all those in and surrounding the Sector, forever.
About the Author

Conner Kressley is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author. He is an avid reader and all around lover of storytelling. His book "The Breaker's Code" is the first in the epic "Fixed Points" series that pits free will against fate and true love against good intentions and bad situations.

When he's not writing about teenagers who have way too much on their plates, Conner can be found in the back roads of Georgia watching old movies, geeking out over books (comic and otherwise), and planning the next of his (some would say way too frequent) trips to Disneyworld. He also loves nature, stories where people are running for their lives, and all things "Southern".

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