Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fall into Magic Author Spotlight - Susan Stec

Fall into Magic with 20 Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Reads!

Prepare to be swept away by 20 paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales from today's NY Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors! In this limited edition collection, you will find everything from witches to mages, shifters to vampires, demons, faeries, and much more!



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Take a look at some of the other books available, from one of the authors included in this box set.
NY Times bestselling author Susan Stec

Witchy (Raven Witch #1)

Skylar is a city girl full of spunk, peppered with bad habits and a knack for picking the wrong man. Bek, her last guy, put her into a cat and dumped her two hundred miles from home.
Well, in Bek's defence, she did torch his vintage Mustang.
Revenge is on her mind—definitely not a man—until Luke comes along, a country boy with tanned skin, toned muscles, and a great sense of humor.
Problem? Hell yes! He's carrying a bowl of milk and a catnip toy.

They're so Vein (The Grateful Undead #1)

Susan is 58-years-old and bored with life. Middle age is a daily drudge of sagging body parts and aches and pains. Her fervent prayer that she could somehow recapture her youth comes true one night during a chance encounter with a child-like vampire. As soon as the other women in her family see the transformation they waste no time in sticking their necks out, hoping Susan will share this new-found fountain of youth.

Suddenly, this newly born group of hot-bodied vamps find themselves thrust into a world controlled by an ancient order of vampires. A world with rules, all of which the ladies pretty much break within hours of becoming immortals. And the little matter of the accidental epidemic of vamped out wildlife isn't exactly endearing them to the powers that be, either.

They're So Vein is a hilarious and irreverent new twist on the paranormal/vampire romance genre.

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