Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mild Blogging Success!

I finally reached 1,000 hits! After seven months of blogging I reached my first mini-milestone. I know it's actually kind of sad that it's taken me this long to reach this point but considering I've done very little promotion and this is my first forray into blogging I'm quite happy :D

As I get closer to being published I'll make more of an effort, but for now I'm satisfied with how it's going. I'm posting a few times a month and there's a few people who are obviously looking and interested enough to come back. Stressing about a blog is at the bottom of my list.

Thanks to everyone who's been visiting and reading! I really appreciate the support!

:) Ang

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Absence of Fear by Jewel

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  1. Congrats! I know I'm intertested enough to come back :-) I even have a link to your blog on my site (not that I get a whole lot of traffic myself), but every little bit helps, right?