Friday, March 26, 2010

Spoken Like a Frankenpoet

I'm not sure what exactly inspired me today, but I went to my CD shelf (yes, I still have one) and pulled out a CD I bought oh, 12 or 13 years ago.  Scott Wicken's Something Wicken This Way Comes! I originally bought the CD during the Edmonton Folk Festival after hearing Scott Wicken perform.  I think what originally drew me to him was the word Frankenpoet printed on the side cover of the CD jacket. 

To this day, I really have no clue what a Frankenpoet is (probably a production    company or something) but his presence on stage and his words captivated me.  Never before had I been interested in Spoken word poetry, and really, I can take or leave most poetry.  But the way he expressed himself, the raw thoughts he wrote, spoke and recorded made me think about life and how I and others perceived it.

He takes the most ordinary things and makes them a story, a guy walking down the street becomes a character with a story we need to question and wonder about.  So, I'm sitting here now, wondering how many stories have  I missed, because I haven't looked around me.  Not at the people whose stories I already know, but the Joe on White Ave, or in the Winnipeg bus station, or even the flies in the light fixture.  

Tomorrow, I'm setting out with a goal.  A goal to find a character, a story, a poem in the ordinary; to let my mind wonder, wander and create. 

On my iPod:

Crazy Dave by Scott Wicken

If you're interested in any of Scott Wicken's work, you can check out his website at Scott Wicken he has free downloads of his music, spoken word poetry and rants.


  1. That's cool. I think that you're goals are great. By the way, are you a Canadian? I ask because you mentioned you went to the Edmonton Folk Festival.


  2. Thanks Ann! I am Canadian. I was born in Northern Manitoba, then grew up in Southern Alberta and then high school and University in Edmonton.

  3. Susan Cholmondeley JonesMarch 27, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    You have a talent for writing and I'm sure that one day I will be proud to say that my niece is a famous writer.